10 Best Low Carb Snacks to Buy – Eat and Be Happy

When you try to watch carbs, eating healthy snacks can be a challenge. Here’s a short rundown
of some of the best low carb snacks to buy and still stay on your diet. Remember snacking
should be a part of your daily diet routine and you should look at other meals in addition to your
snacks. So what type of ideas for snacks are good for the low carb lifestyle?

Setting a Parameter on How to Construct Your Snacks

Think first of what you would enjoy. If there’s a favorite snack you currently enjoy, try to see if it already
fits your snack planning scheme or skinny it up in terms of carb content. Also, don’t forget calories. A
good rule of thumb for a snack is to establish a limit on the amount of calories in relation to your other

Next, determine the texture and shape you want your snacks to take. Salty? Sweet? Do you like crunch or
something that goes down smooth? Be aware of those personal preferences and include them in your
snack parameters.

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Some Foods You Can Consider

When considering foods, look at them in terms of daily carb count. For example, if you are
trying to restrict yourself to 45 carbs a day, think about how your snack fits in with the rest of the
meals for that day. A good example would be if you had 10 carbs for breakfast, 15 for lunch and
10 for dinner, you would have only 10 left for a snack out of your 45 carb day limit.

While the list below is merely a suggestion, other foods are certainly available as snacks. Look at
items such as berries, salads, greens, low sugar fruits and vegetables for possible use as a snack. I
often like the use of greens with a vinaigrette as a refreshing alternative in the snack slot
particularly when I look at my personal daily carb count.

Here is a suggested list of low carb snacks you might enjoy:

  • Cheese. A real variety type snack because there are so many different types of cheese.
    Just check the carb content and make sure you can enjoy without guilt.
  • Beef Sticks and Jerky. While the average carb content of a serving of beef sticks or
    jerky is somewhere between 2-3 carbs, read that label. Servings do vary from brand to
    brand and if you eat more than one serving, be conscious of your daily allotment.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs. Eggs are always the diabetic’s best friend and a mainstay on a low
    carb diet. Close to the perfect food, it’s hard to go wrong including them in your snack
  • Skins (Pork Rinds). Lots of my totally keto friends swear by their use of this ingredient
    in a lot of their recipes and as a standalone snack. I particularly like crunching on the
    harder variety and with all the different flavors out there, you can change up from time to
    time to give your taste buds a treat.
  • Sugar Free Drinks and Energy Drinks. A word of caution here. Try to stay to stuff
    with the more naturally flavored sweeteners such as stevia or monk fruit when you can
    find them or use flavored waters. An artificial sweetened drink or energy drink is ok once
    in a great while. I often produce a favorite tea or drink coffee to fit in my personal
    equation here.
  • Low Carb Nuts. Go easy here. A 1-ounce serving of your typical nut yields about 4-5
    carbs depending on which nut you are consuming so add it up. Some good nuts to
    consider are almonds, pecans, walnuts, peanuts, and Brazil nuts.
  • Sardines. A great choice for a snack with no carbs to speak of. High in omega 3’s, this is
    hard to beat.
    By © Friedrich Haag / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=41940081
  • Tuna. Another great protein choice as a snack. You can find this at many supermarkets. I
    prefer getting the albacore variety for taste and texture.
  • Atkins based Products. Atkins provides many solutions for the low carb lifestyle. Some
    products do contain sugar alcohols which can cause digestive upset, so read that label.
    Atkins also offers great frozen dinners which can double as a snack with low carb
    content. Do your due diligence when you buy and put foods in your pantry and

Canned Chicken. I often mix a little mayo and a bit of avocado with this and make a
fabulous dip for my celery sticks. Don’t knock it until you try it.

Don’t Let Your Snacks Get Too Routine

Keep things fresh and alter your snacks to keep your personal diet from being too boring. Think in terms of the long haul. If you do a good job in rotating your foods when you buy them, you
will have enough variety to alter the day to day planning of your snacks. You will be surprised
how giving your snacks a little planning makes the rest of your meal planning go smoother.

Do keep in mind what you are eating and when. Focus on what you are putting in your mouth –
it is too easy to consume tons of a snack and realize you have exceeded your quota for the day.
Watching television and eating presents another situation where snacking can get out of hand so
be conscious and measure out what you want for a snack and keep it to that. If the situation for
eating is too tempting or stressful – take a little time out and think about what you doing.

Finding Alternatives to Snack Foods on The Low Carb Lifestyle

Don’t be afraid to be creative with your snacks if you find an alternative that works for you.
Dairy alternatives such as yogurt make for a good snack if the carb content is low enough. Deli
meats by themselves or paired with an alternative like cheese are a good choice. One of the
companies I tout on my blog “The Great Lo Carb Bread Company” makes a variety of low carb
bread products that make your favorites like sandwiches, hot dogs or muffins carb friendly (still,
watch those calories). Just put on your thinking cap and I am sure you will find there are endless
possibilities when it comes to snack planning.


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    This is a refreshing approach to snacking — especially the advice to start by first thinking of what you already enjoy and thinking of ways to improve upon it. That approach will allow someone to enjoy a snack for it’s indulgence but also feel good about the choice and how it will affect their plans / needs for their diet. Very nice list of suggested foods to get someone started out right!

  2. 2

    Elridge- I have been really thinking about how to cut down on carbs lately. This article is just what I needed. My fear of failure with this was snacks. For some reason I can’t get away form sacking. I’m not sure I can restrict myself to 45 grams of carbs a day yet, but this article will certainly help. I enjoyed reading this and I will refer back when I make my next shopping list.  

    Thank you. 

    • 3

      45 carbs a day was just an example of how to fit your snacks into your daily routine. You can fit your snack anyway you choose – they are as flexible as any other meal. Thanks for the comment.

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