Does Walking Help You Lose Weight and Control Blood Sugar?

Walking can be one of the best tools for a low carb lifestyle. The question is does walking help you to lose weight and control blood sugar? The answer may pleasantly surprise you. Here are some tips on how you can use walking to control both your weight and maintain a healthy blood sugar.

Start With a Goal in Mind

If weight loss is your primary goal, start out by mapping where you want to be and set a reasonable time to get there. Depending on the period of time you want to achieve a certain amount of weight loss, it may be prudent to break it into chunks and do a little at a time. Do a weight check to know where you are starting and record it somewhere so you get a scientific starting point. 

Next, figure out just what your goal for weight loss is going to be and set a 30 – 90 day mark to reach that goal. The idea is to hold yourself accountable and measure your success as you go. A realistic amount of weight to lose for most people is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1-3 pounds per week. Weigh yourself at least twice a week and record it in the same place as your goals and your starting point so you can reinforce your progress.

When you do start walking, do it slowly and build up your performance a bit at a time. Exercise is something your body has to get used to and you should not try to achieve everything at once. Start with a 10-20 minute routine daily and pace yourself as you do it. Remember this is a marathon not a race and steady makes the type of progress you want to see.

Use Walking as a Tool to Control Your Blood Sugar

Walking is very effective as an exercise to control your blood sugar. Diabetic studies have shown that walking can affect blood sugar up to 24 hours or more and is effective as a lowering mechanism particularly for older adults. Incorporating walking into your daily routine is a great way to improve blood sugar control for diabetics.

To use your walking as a blood sugar control tool, you need to make sure you check your blood sugar on a regular basis. Record your levels and be sure to indicate times relative to your meal intake so you can check how your walking affects your blood sugar measurements. Last, record walking times including intensity, distance and time taken to complete your walk. You want to be as scientific as you can with when and how much you exercise so you can make adjustments on the fly to maximize the affect your exercise has on your numbers at the end of the day.

Schedule Your Walking Routine

Walking is very flexible and does not require a great deal of equipment to do. You do need a good pair of walking shoes to do it regularly so invest a little money and treat your feet kindly. Walking does not have the same impact as running on pounding your feet so it makes a great way for diabetics to move without causing a great deal of medical problems, especially when it comes to feet.

A lot of people like morning walks but I find afternoon walks to be totally relaxing. Early morning sugars are an issue so if you do exercise in the early morning, check your blood sugars and make sure they are adequate enough not to interrupt your walking routine. Be sure to eat a snack if you need to prior to exercise.

You don’t have to get a minimum of 30 minutes in each of your walks; a walk of as little as 10-15 minutes can be effective. When you make up your goals, figure out just how many minutes of total exercise you want in a weeks’ time and spread it out over the whole week. I try to get a little in each day and keep up with the minutes I spend doing it but you can structure your walking schedule in any way that suits you.

Jazz Up Your Exercise

Like music? Make sure you’ve got a way to listen to it as you walk. I like listening to news and sports a lot and listen to them while I am doing my routine. If you love to sing, you can practice while you walk. Some people like adding weights to their routine so if it helps, by all means do it! I sometimes carry a water bottle along so if I get thirsty, I can sip on my favorite beverage.

A change of scenery can be beneficial also. Switch up the routes you take when you walk to keep it from getting boring. Make sure you get a different view from time to time. If you use a park to do your walking, do different things from time to time to keep it interesting. Doing walks with a partner can also add a bit of a change and even add conversation while you walk.

Brighten Your Day and Perspective When You Walk

Walking can be a great mood enhancer. A lot of people think more clearly after a walk and it serves as a great way to forget your problems for a bit while you do it. Exercise in general helps to increase the amount of endorphins in your blood stream which serve to put you in a happy and fantastic mood.

How Walking Fits Your Low Carb Lifestyle

Walking and a low carb lifestyle go hand in hand with each other. In fact, a walking routine makes it easier to stick with your low carb diet and can help you reach those difficult weight loss goals. If you plan correctly, walking can be an asset in losing weight and attaining great blood sugar control. The best advice is to record your progress and start slowly. Getting the results you are looking for is the key to your success.


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    Hi Elridge – I enjoyed reading your post as I am a fan of walking myself.  I walk 5 days a week (weather permitting) for 40 minutes with a distance of two miles.  I don’t have any health issues (thank God) but I indulge just for the exercise.  I prefer mornings because it’s nice and quiet and no one is out; which is great during this pandemic. Many thanks for this enjoyable read!

  2. 2

    It is very good advice to do more walking, especially if you have an office job and you are sitting the best part of a day. And as you point out, walking does not require a lot of equipment, you do not have to pay a fee and you can chose your walking time and path and even change it from time to time. I did not know about controlling the blood sugar but this information is very helpful. Before lock down I was walking every day from my car park to the office and I really miss these 30 minutes now.

  3. 3

    I love walking and it is my go-to form of exercise. I used to walk in the mornings but as my husband and I are both working from home we have started walking in the afternoons. It works as a great transition from the work day into the evening and we love watching the light getting low and the sun setting. This practice has helped me give up alcohol. Walking with someone else can be a bit tricky because you need to be able to match each other’s pace. My husband walks so fast that I have to run at times to keep up with him.

    I really like your post and it has motivated me to keep walking. I have been using it to get fit, stop drinking and from today I will be watching my calorie intake a bit better so hopefully the walking will also help with my blood sugar levels, as you say, and weight loss 🙂

  4. 4

    Hello Elridge,

    I agree walking of course is a factor in helping control blood sugar. I walk for about an hour a day among other things in my lifestyle that helps me manage my type 2 diabetes. Ultimately, my lifestyle centers around diet, getting 8 hours of sleep, intermittent fasting and reducing stress to control my type 2 diabetes. 

    I would say walking is the absolute minimum you should do to add to your lifestyle and the more you do the better. Start out slow and shoot for at least an hour a day. On the other hand, if you can’t do it all at once, break it down into chunks of 15 minutes times 4 a day.

    Happy walking.


  5. 5

    I do try and exercise regularly because I used to go to the gym every day, about 5 days a week, and I always do the same thing and I didn’t make any progress from working out in the gym because I kept getting distracted and I had no motivation to train in the gym. 

    I’ve stopped going to the gym now, but I do shadow boxing at home in my room and the garden just to keep fit to do cardio. I don’t have a punching bag for boxing, I just punch the air just to exercise, and I don’t run because I don’t feel the motivation to go out for a run, but I eat healthily and I eat a lot of vegetables to reduce my cholesterol and sugar. 

    Would shadow boxing be good for exercise? 

    I go out for a walk a lot to get fresh air. I walk to the park and walk back home and do my shadow boxing. 

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    Hello dear, wow thanks for sharing such exclusive concise information with us, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post, I believe these is exactly what my aunty needs, she has been complaining about her sugar level for some time now, I believe after going through your article I know she’ll find these information useful, thanks alot for the info.

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    Hey nice article you have there. Your thoughts are indeed invaluable. Some much interesting facts about walking to the health of humans. My neighbors will definitely finds this article useful, hence I will make some recommendations to her and refer her to this article for more clarity. Nevertheless, what is the required time to walk for a Low carb lifestyle ?

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    From your points, it’s a fact that walking helps alot to lose weight and reduce sugar level.. Walking is an exercise, therefore When you do moderate exercise, like walking, that makes your heart beat a little faster and breathe a little harder. Your muscles use more glucose, the sugar in your blood stream. Over time, this can lower your blood sugar levels. It also makes the insulin in your body work better…
    Hope you get to try out walking to lose weight and too much sugar

  9. 10

    Hello there, This is an amazing article that you have got here. It was fun going through this article on your website Walking is indeed a great exercise for loosing weight. I always engage in early morning walk and sometimes during my prayer session I walk around too. It helps me calm and put me a better thinking position and also it maintains my body size.

    Thanks for sharing.

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