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As a diabetic, recipes and the food you eat does not need to be bland and lifeless. Good tasting foods can be easily prepared at home and are better for you. Here are some suggestions for good recipes for type 2 diabetes that won’t break the bank and spike your sugar after you eat them.

Idea #1: Egg based dishes.

Some of my favorite dishes are egg based. Eggs are the diabetics favorite friend and making a lot of egg dishes are super easy.

  1. The basic omelet. Start with a few veggies and saute them prior to preparing the eggs. My veggie favorites are onions (red onions are a good option if you like the taste), green or red bell pepper, sliced tomatoes, and sometimes mushrooms (save sauteing the mushrooms if you add them until the end so they maintain their flavor). Take the veggies and sit the aside after they are sauteed. Crack 3 large eggs and add 2 tablespoons of water to them prior to beating. Warm the skillet up to just below medium heat and add a bit of olive oil and a couple pats of butter. Add the egg mixture at once and wait for the eggs to cook to firm. Add the veggies to half the egg in the pan and add grated cheese if desired, Season with salt and pepper to taste. Fold the cooked egg over the veggies and slide the cooked egg to a serving plate. Yum!
  2. Egg frittata (or muffins). This is a variation of the above recipe. I like to make mine in a greased small oven worthy container (cast iron works great for this) and cook it at 350 degrees. Add the sauteed veggies to the beaten eggs
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    and add cheese prior to cooking in the oven. It doesn’t take long for the egg to firm and set in the oven so check it in 5 minute intervals for doneness. You can pour your mixture into greased muffin pans and you can also add meat such as ham or turkey chunks if desired.

Idea #2: Chili based dishes.

Let your imagination run wild here. Chili is a great base for adding your favorite veggies and you can add a number of spices to it to suit your taste. I start with a ground beef and sausage base, but you can do vegetarian, chicken, tofu or any low carb base you desire. I do watch the carb content when I cook (yes sometimes I do add kidney or pinto beans), and make sure to accentuate the veggies during the cook.

Sometimes I omit the beans and just use the meat and veggie base. I prefer adding a bit of apple cider vinegar to the mixture while it cooks as it adds just the right amount of “twang” to my chili. Drain the grease off the meat at the beginning and use olive oil to saute veggies with the meat to the side prior to adding it back in when the veggies get right. It is a bit more healthy for you.

Idea #3: Greens and salads.

Me and my wife enjoy the taste of a variety of cooked greens. I do defer to the expert here as she makes the most wonderful concotion in a slow cooker I have ever tasted. Collards are our favorite but we also indulge in mustards, turnips and Swiss chard. Onions, garlic and a meat add superior taste and chicken broth adds a very rich flavor. Turkey tails are my favorite meat garnish but wifey likes bacon. The greens are good enough to be a one bowl dish and go good with your favorite beverage.

Salads are a wonderful dish for the diabetic to enjoy and are full of flavor and variety. I enjoy mine with ranch dressing or a simple vinaigrette. Arugula, romaine lettuce or spring mix greens are good greens I enjoy when making what I consider the perfect salad. You can stick with just the greens or add veggies such as cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, green or red onions and even peppers to spice up your salad. Turkey, chicken, boiled egg and bacon bits are good additions to add zest to your salad.



Idea #4: Zucchini Spaghetti and Tomato Sauce.

Try this instead of your normal pasta and eat with no guilt! I process my zucchini in a crank processor with blades to make strands that closely resemble pasta spaghetti. Add a bit of olive oil to a skillet and saute the zucchini. You can prepare the sauce in a separate pan (yes you can add hamburger or meatballs to the sauce if you desire) and pour it over the zucchini after you plate it. This is one of my go to meals and is simply wonderful for a meal at the end of the day.

Idea #5: Grilled fish and broccoli/cauliflower mix.

The best fish for this is salmon but I do try others as I have found they are just as tasty. Trout is a good fish as is flounder, red snapper and catfish or tilapia. I often cook mine in the oven wrapped in foil with peppers and onions and season it prior to placing in the oven. I hit it with a bit of squeezed lemon to bring out the flavor once it is cooked.

The broccoli and cauliflower mix is better when you cook it with a little butter and olive oil. You can add other veggies to the mix to bring out the meal (carrots are a great favorite) to accompany the fish. A baked sweet potato is a good addition if you want a bit of sweetness afterwards. Butter and a bit of cinnamon and a spoonful of brown sugar (just a little mind you!) is simply delicious on your sweet potato.


Idea #6: Pita Bread Pizza.

Craving pizza but want to stay low carb? Wheat bread pita bread pizzas are your answer. Brush one side of your pita bread with olive oil at the start. Spread with a bit of canned spaghetti or tomato sauce on top of the bread. You can add a bit of sausage, ham, turkey or chicken if you desire to the top of the bread prior to adding veggie toppings. I like peppers, onions and mushrooms as toppers for my pizza – sometimes I add the meat but its great without it. Sprinkle with shredded or grated cheese and add to a 375 degree oven for about 3 minutes or until crisp.

Enjoy these recipes? I hope you try them out and change them to suit your taste by adding your favorite spices or condiments. Being diabetic doesn’t mean you have to give up wonderful tasting foods. You can find a great diabetic cookbook on this page of my web site to try out recipes you might want to try for yourself. Please comment below and let me know what you think.


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    Just as said earlier, being a diabetic patient doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy some bit of nicely made home dishes just because you are watching your sugar level or cos you want to avoiding much more cholesterol. On this article are list if some best home made dishes you will enjoy as much as they will make you look healthier
    They are basically grouped into five groups and they are chili based dishes and more,the egg base dishes, under each you see the various dishes so you have a lot of choices to chose from. I personally love egg and that is why I made emphasis on it….so enjoy

  2. 2

    Hello Jones, you have quite a list and I’m happy to go through it to get the right tips on what to eat for those with type two diabetes. Some very good ideas of foods that you have here that I would have never come across myself to think that they help to regulate a person’s sugar level. I know about the vegetables and salads very well but not the egg based dishes. I’m happy to learn new stuff today. Thanks!

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