The Low Carb Life – Embracing a Healthy Routine

Being healthy is a lofty goal for a lot of diabetics. Learning to live the low carb life is part of daily living. Obtaining good habits is part of the struggle for type 2 diabetics. Establishing a routine to reach your goals is a good way to deal with your diabetes.

How to Develop Lifetime Healthy Habits

The secret to developing lifetime habits is repetition and feedback. This means you have to go through the action of practicing the habit you wish to achieve and then developing some way of giving a reward to yourself. This is called reinforcement. By continuing to reinforce good healthy behaviors, you eventually start a lifetime routine that will help you to cope with your diabetes.

People with diabetes often have to undo bad habits they have accumulated over time. Before you start trying to quit those negative old habits, do yourself a favor. First, look at what you want to establish in place of those habits one at a time. Then methodically go about practicing the new behavior. The next step would then be to reward yourself with something meaningful (besides food). This might involve a new item for yourself, a trip to someplace you always wanted to go, or something as simple as a day of will stumble

Slowly start forming these habits over time and start watching the old habits die off. It’s not magic and you might stumble along the way. If you do, double your efforts and press through by continuing to form those new habits. Don’t forget to use rewards to help you when you are successful practicing those new behaviors.

For me, I am still trying to concentrate on new behaviors on a regular basis. Keeping a journal is a method I use to keep up with my progress. Writing things down helps you keep account of where you’ve been and where you’re going. I also spend time putting items I want on paper besides each habit when I start to attempt it. This way, I get to keep reinforcing myself to get those habits I want in place.

Focus on Daily Routines

Eating well is a good example of an established daily routine. It involves having on hand what you want to consume, having a plan every day for your meals and keeping track of it all. I usually alternate between eggs and other proteins at my morning meal; this makes it easy to make grocery as I know how to plan out what to put in my pantry and fridge.

Other routines involve daily exercise and hygiene. A good walk every day helps keep me moving and provides me with a habit that is good for my health. Walking is great for controlling blood sugar and for your personal endurance. Other daily exercises include running, lifting weights, yoga, swimming, playing sports and others. Good hygiene habits include tooth brushing, baths or showers, combing your hair, skin massage and others.

When you get into the habit of establishing good healthy routines, it helps in more than one way. Good routines contribute to great mood, self-awareness and a sense of well-being. In particular, having a great diet will keep those pesky blood sugars in check, keep your teeth and gums healthy and keep chronic disease at bay. Mental health is also sharper when you have great daily routines.

Having a Support Team to Help You Out

Trying to lose weight? Having a buddy or someone to keep you on track improves your odds. Family support while you diet is essential in meeting your goals. This also helps you to stay accountable and focused.

There are lots of support groups out there you can join to help you stay focused. Facebook, Weight Watchers, Eaters Anonymous and others offer opportunities to meet others that share your goals on staying healthy. For me, being able to fellowship with other people who were trying to focus on eating the way I was helped my stay consistent with what I was trying to do. Find someone to partner with or get involved with one of these groups to improve your odds for success. .

Variety is the Spice of Life

When you establish a routine, don’t stay stagnant. Try to find ways to vary your routine so it doesn’t get old or stale. For instance, vary the path you follow if you walk or change the location. Change foods occasionally so you don’t get burned out eating the same food day after day. Keep practicing your behaviors but add a twist or spin to keep it fresh. Have a hobby that you enjoy that keeps you entertained. Having something that keeps you happy mentally will help you keep all those important healthy habits you have established in place and secure. For example, I enjoy playing games from time to time with others to help my mental clarity and focus. Reading books is another favorite pastime I enjoy –there is nothing that can compare to an engrossing novel that is impossible to put down.

Avoiding Bumps in the Road

We don’t live in a perfect world and your routines won’t always stay that way either. Sometimes when you get off track it seems impossible to get back to where you were. So how do you get back on track and how can you keep from getting side tracked?

If you get sidetracked, use your support system to help you out. Talking to someone else always gets you another point of view and helpful suggestions to improve your focus. Keeping a support system also helps you remain accountable to keep you on track. While it won’t solve every problem you have with practicing those good habits, it will keep you encouraged to reach your goals.

Also, calibrate yourself at regular intervals to check your progress. Are you losing pounds or inches on your diet? Do you notice good changes in your appearance from your routine? Check your journal entries and make sure you are rewarding yourself as promised to keep those behaviors in place.

Lastly, enjoy your lifestyle! Eating healthy and developing healthy habits doesn’t have to be dull or boring. As an individual, you can make your life exciting and very invigorating. Being well is a benefit – enjoy it to the utmost.


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    What a wonderful post. Journalling has been big for me in organising my thoughts and creating positive and healthy daily routines. Reading, walking, eating colourful fruits and vegetables, hot and cold showers and drinking lots of water. Simple but awesome things. Oh, and I like that you mention mixing it up! That has been instrumental to me too…change up my routine in a variety of ways.
    Great website!

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